Prof. Hans Sachs (HS OWL)  / Dipl. Szenografin Hannah Groninger (RWTH Aachen) / Till Petersen-Krauß (RWTH Aachen)

We live in an era of constant information exchange about all sense organs. How must, and can, our body adapt to deal with this intensive interaction with a changing environment? Could this flood of information lead to a change in our cognitive abilities?


The workshop “Maßlos Immersiv” of the master study courses of architecture (MA/MIAD) and interior architecture (MIAR) has been about experimental, 3D modeling and ‘sketching’ in virtual spaces. The goal is to explore new ways of cooperation, interaction and presentation in an immersive environment and to explore and convey the novel modeling process by means of a practice-oriented group work.

Excursion Trip to the aixCAVE of the Virtual Reality Group at the RWTH Aachen

‘Maßlos Immersiv’ Workshop at the ‘Detmolder Räume’

Part of the elective course was an excursion to the ‘aixCAVE’ of the Virtual Reality & Immersive Visualization Group at RWTH Aachen University. During the Detmolder Räume (Workshop Week Campus Detmold), the students developed virtual reality games focussing on space and geometry using various VR Equiment (HTC Vive / Oculus Rift / Microsoft Hololens etc). Depending on the individual group, different software platforms such as Rhino, Unreal, Unity3D, Virtual Sketching (RWTH) have been applied.