In the workshop ‚Forensic Spaces‘, MID and MIAD students developed interactive spaces in a virtual environment (virtual reality) within interdisciplinary teams and in collaboration with students of faculty 5 ( Fachbereich 5, electrical engineering) and 7 (media production)

The students developed their virtual spaces based on the concept of a ‘black space’, a space with a crime scene the user has to investigate on.

Example Black Story: “Two men sit dead on two opposite chairs. Between them is a table with a chessboard on it. What happened?”

The room describes a fictitious or real crime scene or a crime that has not yet been cleared up. Based on the so-called ‚black stories‘, a cinematic crime scene or on the basis of investigations into a real crime, the students  developed a story world or a 3-dimensional game in a virtual environment in team work.

The goal of the project is to create a virtual, immersive VR experience in which the user / player assumes the role of the detective and solves the case in 3-dimensional space, which is equipped with all sorts of interactive information and hints.  Also a compact concept description or guide to the game and the presentation of further scenarios for possible applications had to be developed.
The workshop has been moderated by the movie maker and director Justin Koch (Hamburg) and supported by representatives of the individual departments at our school. The teams have been also supported by 3D modeling and VR technology tutors as part of the Fellowship for Digital Teaching Innovation by the Stifterverband and NRW.

Mario Heinz (FB5) \ Jan Philip Ley (FB1) \ Henrik Mucha (FB5) \ Justin Koch (Gastdozent, Hamburg) \ Mathias Karuzys (FB1) \ Jan Pieniak (FB2) \ Hans Sachs (FB1)