Mr JAN is an owner for three similar buildings which are located in three different climate zones. He went to his Architect Mr MON and asked him to propose a design for each building that suite each climate zone. As a partner of Mr MON, the student has been asked to make a proposal for the three facades of the building. Each building has only one facade directed to the street. Before starting the project, it was necessary to take into consideration the cultural aspect of the city and its specific climate conditions.

The goal of the project is to gain knowledge about system solutions and learn how to develop project-specific facades (custom solutions). Learn about management, project design and planning with regard to ecological and economical aspects as well as regulations and standards. Specific understanding of construction technologies, (fabrication, assembling and installation) for facade systems. Layout of details and constructional drafts and sections with CAD software tools.

Contents of study include lectures on specific aspects of the planning, detailing and construction of different curtain walls, facade typologies and technologies regarding costs, climate and comfort. Hands-on practical technical training on how to assemble a post and rail facade mock-up. Overview of current planning software with training and application in the course with special project exercises (e.g. SchüCad+, SchüCad+3D, Athena and other proprietary software).