DIGITAL FABRICATION provides the connection and potential of computer-controlled production processes in combination with rule-based design and construction methods. For this semester MID Computational students the task was to develop a digital fabricated 1:1 sculpture using Alucobond material with the CNC milling machine.

Called “Space Mesh”, the sculpture is designed to compose more dynamically with its site, while omitting the principle of platonic solids, and only maintaining the relaxed mesh one. And this, in order to avoid acute angles between stripes. By reducing the original scale of the sculpture, subdivision in order to limit real-world inaccuracies, and so that the stripes assembly becomes more manageable.

The connection is done by stitches, which work as hinges between the stripes. They are standardized, by having only 3 types (with one, two, or three holes) related to respective edge lengths.