The Flyhead helmet comes from the Mind Expander series, a variety of installations, events and visualizations by the Austrian architect and artist group ‘Haus Rucker Co’. The group was founded in Vienna in 1967 by the architects Laurids Ortner, Günter Zamp Kelp and the painter Klaus Pinter. Under the title ‘Mind Expander’, various artistic studies were created until 1969 with the aim of strengthening and expanding the consciousness of man or his senses. There It was also about the “second nature” and the fusion of natural and artificial.

Based on this concept, with the help of the software Rhinoceros 5.0, the plugin Grasshopper 3D and the use of the CNC laser cutter and the DIWire of a CNC wire bending machine, the students developed and realized a head-mounted mind expander for sensory extension, transformation or deception.

… When the eye deceives the nose

Stanislaw Sabelfeld

The box is put on and the eye captures the image, analyses it and directs the recorded information to the brain. The brain compares the object with the database and assigns it. Since we are in one spatial world live, the eye tries the information in a three-dimensional transforming picture, so the person dives in a world of its own – a world of fragrances. We sit the “proboscis” in front of the nose and the brain notes that the previously saved data not with the odor information outside match the box. So will the Sense of the observer led astray.





Maria Wilkens

This mind expander is constructed by geometry as follows. Two persons standing back to back on each other and the helmet spans the two heads. In front of the eyes are 2 screens (in this Case 2 phones). The helmet has 2 openings for the respective mobile phone cameras. The Image of a cellphone is streamed and transfer to  the screen of the other mobile phone. Every person gets his sight from the back, so that’s what  another person actually see behind him if she did not have the helmet on. The difficulty is that the persons have to  get around a lot to communicate with each other . To ventilate the helmet and optically and from the mass easier to him got a biomorphic geometry selected.





Two View

Sebastian Wolf

The concept is, with the help of two mirrors, the to influence the sense of sight. The idea behind it is that each eye takes a separate picture and a common picture is merged only in the brain . Through the mirrors, at a 45 degree angle to the eyes are placed two different images that are not produced in the brain to one picture so it can be joined together. This makes disorientation at first and, with a bit of getting used to,  the sensory transformation up to the sensory extension.




Fragrance Reminder

Henrik Steffen

The human sense of smell is every day exposed to many odors. Some are pleasant and are linked with certain events or objects. On good example is the smell of freshly washed dressing things or the smell of Sun cream. Both awaken a feeling of freshness or even the memory of the past nice sunny days. Those feelings should be created with the help of the designed mask and enable the user in memories or in pleasant ones feelings to revel.





Thomas Wibberg

Day by day the human eye is tempted the environment.  The Mind expander “FOKUS” offers the user an experience cover for Put on. A space, from the outside with polygonal tips fitted, protects the user before external influences. No purposeful looking forward, but guided view guidance to the left or right, drive the user to focus on one eye. This causes the user to only turn on the essentials and thus his perceive the environment with a different eye. However, if the user does not do so, so it comes with the attempt, at the same time with both eyes to focus something too physical complaints.




The sensory catcher

Johanna Dorf

What happens to our perception, if you have the visual and auditory senses changed? How does the manipulation affect? the viewing and listening direction our orientation? The Mind Catcher lets you be yours experience the environment in a completely different way, by giving your visual and auditory captures and crosses sensations. Thereby creates a whole new experience of direction and distance, which yours experience existing senses more consciously leaves. The sensory trap was made a weapon structure as substructure, over which a polygonal mesh spans. In the area of the eye, this area is with a reflective film lined to capture the sense of sight even more, as well in the area of the ear with fur to noises better shield.




Extension of sight

Jens Renneke

The principle of this Mindexpander is based on the basics of cinematography. By the rotation of a drum or a inside, Kranzes becomes the illusion of a movement through a mechanical movement generated. Instead of the illusion inside to produce the drum and from the outside to look at, is the viewer inside the drum and his eyes on the environment is changed.





Theresa Kellner

Most mammals, with the exception of the people, have tactile hair for guidance. In most cases, the sinus hairs are sitting on the head, the upper lips, around the eyes around and a few at the forelegs. Especially nocturnal and in dark living animals possess well-educated ones tasthaare to the surroundings too sensing.



New View

Verena Solle

The Mind Expander “New View” offers users completely new perspectives and expanded thus the visual perception. He owns different shaped channels with different features / views. Go berserk of Mind Expander you can between switch these channels and an object or perceive space visually differently. So you look through, for example golden, reflecting tube, which the users with light incidence an exciting atmosphere offers. Another channel owns a turntable, another a target cross, with which a detail can be focused. Furthermore there are two windows on one side with red and blue filter. This can to use a little playfully. At the clear view with both eyes results surprising play of colors, which at the a completely different view with just one eye is.




Spatial listening

Sophia Rodermund

To localize sound sources, the outer ear of humans acts as a selective one filter. To determine the direction of sound source will only be the first arriving direct sound from hearing evaluated. The position change a sound source can already be located when these are around 3 ° from the point of origin. At the headboard The “MindExpander” is a body at ear level fastened, through which 5 levels run. These extend in a circle around the head. The goal is to get a bullet through all levels by conveying them by exact localization and a fast head tilt through an opening to the next level arrives. There is an opening per level. The beginning on the top level is through the No.1 marked.




Acoustic Buffle

Mona Makebrandt

The Mind Expander changes the auditory perception. Depending on the orientation directed external noise. This steering causes a directed perception the environment. The individually adjustable ears elements are with a linen fabric covered and connected by a wire rail. This allows a change of sensations or a complete shield the outside world. In addition, the steering can the noise can be changed by 180 °.





Mathias Karuzys

The Twisting Mind Expander distorts the surrounding space of the vehicle. Leave all mirrors itself by the rotation of a single turn the bar at once. Through the gears the boxes turn in opposite directions direction and bring so different pictures in front of the eye of the beholder. Depending on mirror position are different fragments of the room visible.




Future Look

Anna Katharina Knust

The Mind Expander – Future Look – influences the view of the user. The helmet sits diagonally on the back of the head. Located at the front a screen. It also belongs backpack for equipment. Individually the user determines what change he lives. Use various missions different filters into the screen use. The umbrella therefore does not work only as foreclosure to the outside world, but also as a holder for the inserts. Own this the different functions to the change the user’s perspective. aid the backpack is the helmet on the road usable with all functions. The stakes can be stored here optimally.





Ronja Bibiana Fischer

To perceive oneself and the environment, in the best case no longer distinguish whether it’s reality or not fiction is the basic goal of helms. For that was an area all around with a total of 160 mirrors with different angles created to each other, in the user can perceive. On the front of the helmet is in five places mirrored funnels through which one goes after can look outside. These views are predetermined and rigid. Do you turn that Helmet around, so the mirror function is still the same, but the funnels are angle has been replaced. That means one can here even the angle and thus the determine the direction of view.





Annika Pünt

The theme of Mind Expander is the shielding. A construction of wire and cardboard holds the folded paper curtain, which can be opened and folded can. The special feature is the folding technique of the paper – the gliding reflection. A motive is moved simultaneously in this convolution and mirrored. The paper gets by a special flexibility and can in different forms are brought. The curtain of Mind Expander lets itself fold horizontally and unfold and at the same time has one vertically semicircular shape.




Mask of confusion

Eva Gutsmann

The focus of my mind expander is on of sensory perception. The goal was to to create a helmet, which to the absolute confusion leads. The illusion of seeing should be through different elements arise:

– different structures / colors that restrict / change the view

-different look sizes

Topic Overlay: Overlay of the slices only in one eye, different views.





Lena Ostermann

The acoustic and visual perception expand: with the Mind Expander it is possible! With the help of the movable mirror elements as well as the ears can be individually controlling your sight and hearing so you can have a field of view of about 255 ° cover without moving the head. normal is an angle of 150-180 °. Also let the earpieces after the acoustic align and enable source such a more targeted listening. Because the moving elements for the ears had to be massive, the model was created as a layer model and complemented by curved bars.





Tobias Brehm

Extension of the urban space by one another dimension. The perforated parchment roll directs the gaze of the wearer and lets the fictive world of the graphic Novel with the individual environment merge.




Change | Sensory Modality Listening

Aline Lefhart

The Mind Expander changes the sense modality hear. He has adjustable ear funnels with which you go in certain directions can hear. If the funnels are e.g. to the rear directed, so are sounds that are behind to emerge, consciously perceived, while noises from the front barely to be understood. Besides, the funnel is lockable, so that the sounds of the environment no longer be perceived.




Sound amplifiers

Johanna Flachsenberg 

The ‘sound amplifier’ is a mobile mindset Expander the user is on and loud busy places to his interlocutor to understand better. Crucial for the design and the usage was that of Athanasius Kircher 1673 developed ‘Elipsis Otica’. The huge one earpiece, which is between two people was installed, made possible a sound-amplified listen, if at one end of the apparatus was spoken. The shape of the sound amplifier is the the user’s head is precisely adjusted to a full function and pleasant carrying capacity to reach. By running the sound amplifier at both ends collected the sound waves, so one reinforcement of the sound energy and thus a to achieve better hearing.





The Confusing View

Daria Ananev 

The concept is based on the moiré effect. This occurs when two grids (points, Overlay lines). This arises through overlay a new pattern. This is comparable to the interference patterns like e.g. with light or water waves. The concept the Mind Expander is mainly based to influence seeing. The implementation therefore looks like some kind of glasses, which is fastened in front of a helmet. Additionally The glasses contain movable inserts from one lattice, which has the effect of movement emphasize more clearly.




Asterix shells

Amelie Peters

A Mindexpander à la Asterix. Instead of the wings expand two metallic ear cups the senses. The bent backwards, reflect funnel-shaped tubes and direct the sound to your ears. So can you hear what’s behind your back becomes.