A MID student realization project

The development process of the ClipHut is based on a circular metamorphosis of digital design and fabrication techniques according to the principals of „design through making“. The design development has been largely driven by constructive and computational design principals including material properties, processing and behaviour but also an optimized interchange between digital and analogue, especially -crafting inspired- manufacturing techniques.
The ClipHut has been developed as a generative Housing unit based on a parametric design and construction system, which allows a high level of adaptivity in the final compositional design steps. The MID first semester project ‘P7 Computational Design’ has been divided in the following stages:





A.1 Exploration of a Cardboard-/ Wood-based (3D) main connector system (individual)

A.2 Parametric ‚Design and Construction Tool‘ for an adaptive wood-framework working with the connector system of stage 1 (group of 2 students)

A.3 Automized generation of fabrication and assembly data and the realization of a minimal ‚Common Hut‘ on the Campus Detmold (all students project team)

The project has been kindly supported with the support / in collaboration with HS Wismar – Fakultät für Architektur, Thomas Engstfeld GmbH, Egger GmbH, Fachbereich 3 Bauingenieurwesen, StadtBauKultur NRW, Heimatwerker, ‘Digital Hut’