Non EU applicants: Apply by March 31st 2022
EU applicants: Apply by June 30th 2022

The Consecutive MSc in Integrated Architectural Design (MIAD) is offered as a full-time course in Architectural Design. The program is in German (partly English).

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Profile \ A full time Master program in four semesters

Planning practices are more than ever based on the principles of sustainability. This includes conserving resources by preserving and improving the structure of buildings, as well as developing new buildings that are energy efficient and consume fewer resources. Moreover, digital technology has almost completely changed all aspects of architecture, from design to planning and assembly to completion. The consecutive master’s program for Integrated Architectural Design (MIAD) responds to these requirements by prioritizing in a holistic architectural setting the fields of energy efficiency and the saving of resources during the process of designing, planning and construction; in particular by applying the theoretical and practical knowledge of digital analysis, design, planning, and manufacturing methods. This prepares students for handling all sorts of architectural work, as well as for scientific work and inter-professional collaborations.

Linking with the master’s course for Integrated Design (MID) and the masters course for Interior Architecture -Spacial Art (MIAR):  with design-oriented architectural project studies, creativity wants to be imparted with a high level of social and intellectual maturity. In addition, students want to gain practice-oriented and theoretical research-based experience and want to develop the ability to participate in dialogue and work as part of a team in the process of common dialogue. Get pleasure from having heart of vegas. The linking with the MID’s Facade Design and Computational Design specializations and the MIAR, as well as the cooperation between the university and external partners, offers the students opportunities to qualify for interdisciplinary, internationally and increasingly digitally supported fields of work. The MIAD is offered as a full-time degree course. Standard period of study: 4 semesters. Language: English, with a few modules in English.

Job prospects \ From planning offices to research institutes

The MIAD graduates for positions in the private commercial sector as well as for the public sector.

Job sectors include in particular architectural offices, engineering and planning offices as well as the construction industry, research institutes and universities. Other possibilities are thus in specific technological fields, such as studies in software application and simulation technology, research in new manufacturing methods, of construction or material innovation; these areas are covered in special modules with changing themes and best-practice examples.

Applications \

Admission requirements:

\- Bachelor or Diploma degree in Architecture
\- Portfolio
\- motivational letter
\- possibly a selection interview
\- proven knowledge of German and/or English

Admission procedure: 

\- The programme always commences with the winter semester.
\- Applications from students of EU countries have to be submitted by 30 June, applications from students of non-EU countries have to be submitted by 31 March of the respective year with the necessary documents.
\- Non EU-applicants please apply at: Find the master’s application form using the search engine: Master; Lemgo, Technische Hochschule Ostwestfalen-Lippe.
\- As EU-applicant/German please send your application to Technische Hochschule Ostwestfalen-Lippe, Dekanat FB 1, Emilienstrasse 45, 32756 Detmold, Germany, Tel.+49 (0) 5231-769 6052.

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