We are please to welcome Dipl. Ing. Martin Manegold from Imagine Computation GmbH as a guest lecturer for Digital Tools and Methods (Core Module MID) on 17.11.2020 at 11:30am.

Imagine Computation GmbH develops tailor-made digital solutions for the implementation of complex construction projects at the interface between architecture and production. while consistently uses digital techniques in the execution planning in order to transfer planning into a built reality as easily as possible.

Everyone is welcome to join the lecture, Please find the Zoom meeting link here to join 17.11.202 at 11:30am.


Also we are pleased to welcome Prof. Dr. Manuel Kretzer for a discussion about Tomorrowland exhibition, for Contextual Computational / Façade Design (Core Module MID) on 18.11.2020 at 02:00pm.

Tomorrowland exhibition, a place where technology and science pointed the way to a shiny, happy future of glorious inventions, space travel and nuclear-powered everything. The task was to create a high-resolution image of the vision of the year 2050. A prototypical utopia, an optimistic ideal, a glimpse into one’s personal dream of tomorrow.

Directed by: Manuel Kretzer

Everyone is welcome to join the lecture, Please send an email at to add you to our P6/P9 Contextual Computational / Façade Design Skype call on the 18.11.202 at 02:00pm.