MEDIA // MID-CD on 52GRAD #12

MEDIA // MID-CD on 52GRAD #12

The issue #12 of the 52GRAD magazine was released digitally this week and presents three different projects from MID-CD students.

On page 50, alumni and team member Alvaro Balderrama’s guitar, built in FabLab, is showcased on the article Digitally handmade Instruments.

The Agent Based Design article from page 68 brings a project from Tejashree Polu, Mohamed Rafiq and Mohamed Ali, developed during last year’s P5/P8 (Integrated Building Design) module.

Finally, Maximilian M├╝h’s project appears on page 69 on the article Floating City, about last year’s C3 (Digital Tools and Methods II) module.

The issue can be read online or downloaded here.