SCHÜCO SYMPOSIUM: The future of work

SCHÜCO SYMPOSIUM: The future of work

Student competition – The future of work

Schüco regularly organises a 2-day symposium to discuss futured-oriented topics, typically every 18 months. In 2015 our topic was “future city 2050” and in 2017 our topic was “building healthy buildings”. Our objective is to incorporate science, research and economy and to appeal especially to students and trainees.

In 2018, the German “Year of Science” initiative is entitled “Working worlds of the future”. At our 2018 symposium on 22 and 23 November, we will explore the theme of “Future of work in the digital era”.


The aim of the student competition is to depict the future of work in the digital era. In the course of the 2018 Schüco symposium on the future of work, the winners will be awarded prizes and their works will be presented.

The concept should be both creative and forward-looking, but also realistic. It is up to the students themselves to decide what period they want to look at (e.g. 2030, 2050, or the like).

  • What does the future hold for work in the digital era? Pay particular attention to the future of knowledge work and the future of production work.
  • What new technologies and methods are conceivable?
  • Think about new professions, working tools and places of work too. In a transformed world of work, what could change with regard to the cityscape, use of buildings, or the like?


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