MIAD P2 projects for “Kulturbaustein” in Berlin

MIAD P2 projects for “Kulturbaustein” in Berlin
On September 4th, MIAD P2 students presented their projects for „Kulturbaustein“ at Tempelhof city hall in Berlin. The task comprised the design of a library, an art gallery, a community college and a music school with 15.000 sqm as well as en extension to the city hall.
The 15 conceptions which covered a wide array of solutions were developed in the course of the summer Semester. They were presented to representatives of the Senate Department for City Development and Housing, the library, art gallery and planning authority of the district of Tempelhof-Schöneberg and the architects working on the master plan for the site. A lively discussion about the advantages and disadvantages of the diverse urban design and architetctonic solutions which were presented evolved. The projects were well recieved by the experts and considered valuable contributions to the ongoning planning process. The great amount of work invested by the students was thus appreciated.

Moritz Baumhauer explains his project

Julia Gerstenberg presenting

Prof. Wagner explaining a project