P2 Excursion to Berlin | 20.04.2018

P2 Excursion to Berlin | 20.04.2018

On April 20th 2018, MIAD P2 went to Berlin to visit the site of the project in Tempelhof district. They were briefed by Mrs. Richter and Mrs. Hoffert of the Senate Department for City Development and Housing as well as by Mr. Ruhnke of Tempelhof District Library. Afterwards, they went to see more libraries. Aside from the existing Tempelhof library, they visited the Koepenick (Bruno Fioretti Marquez) and Wedding (AV1) district libraries as well as the Humboldt University library (Dudler) and the Old (Merz) and New State Libraries (Scharoun).

Images by Prof. Jochimsen and Prof. Wagner