ClipHut awarded in Metsä Wood´s “opensourcewood” platform

ClipHut awarded in Metsä Wood´s “opensourcewood” platform

The ClipHut Project is one of the awarded ideas in the recently launched opensourcewood platform.

At the beginning of 2017 Metsä Wood called on all architects and engineers to share their innovations in wood construction in order to share their ideas in the opensourcewood initiative. This is a pioneering open innovation project aimed at facilitating knowledge sharing and growth in modular wood construction.  Here you can share your ideas, see and rate other community members ideas. Ideas are reviewed by professionals, some of them are selected into productizing program and best ideas are reviewed.

Recently the initiative has been joined by Zaha Hadid Architects, MIT and Aalto University. The platform has the potential to harvest collaborative knowledge for the development of wood technologies and accelerate the already rising wood construction revolution.

Here at the MIAD/MID Master of Architecture and Integrated Design at Hs-OWL we feel very proud to show the potentiality of the projects emerging out of our program and we look forward to see how this important initiative develops and connects professionals around the world.

Congratulations ClipHut Team!!

Click here If you want to know more about ClipHut.