Kick-Off-Workshop “Cultural Otherness and Architecture”

Kick-Off-Workshop “Cultural Otherness and Architecture”

We would like to invite our new MIAD and MID students to the Kick-Off-Workshop “Cultural Otherness and Architecture” from October 2nd – 6th 2017 as the official start of the semester.

On Monday, October 2nd, 10:00 our week will start at “Detmolder Schule für Architektur und Innenarchitektur” in Detmold, building 4 room 4.303 (it has changed), please be there in time. After a welcoming speech and a short introduction of the Master Programme an introduction of the workshop topic will follow.
During the following days from 4th- 6thOctober you will work in the Live-Workshop “Glocal Facade” and “House of the Other” with other master students. At the end of the week you will present your work in front of the other students and professors. For more information have a look to the timetable.
Day 1 Mon 02.10.2017: Introduction lecture (10.00-12.00, room 4.303)
Day 2 Tue 03.10.2017: National holiday in Germany
Day 3 Wed 04.10.2017: “Glocal Facades” workshop (10.30-18.00, room 4.303/4.207)
Day 4 Thu 05.10.2017: “House of the Other” workshop (9.00-17.00, room 4.303/4.207)
Day 5 Fri 06.10.2017: Presentation of the “Virtual World Residential Tower”: a Virtual Reality Model of the apartments/houses combined to a high rise (9.00-12.00, room 4.303/4.207)

We are looking forward to a great week with you!


Please prepare the following:

For Exercise 1 – Glocal Facades: 

  1. Photographs from facades of two residential buildings from your home country / city: one photo of ‘vernacular’ and one photo of ‘contemporary’ building facade
  2. A short description (max. 100 words) of those locations / buildings / facades and an explanation of this facade solutions to be incorporated and used into general housing facade design

For Exercise 2 – House of Others: 

  1. A coloured copy of your Identity Card
  2. A layout of your family house / apartment or a representative house / apartment of your homeland with furnishing and designation of spaces / including the spaces of the facade of the building (ex. balconies, etc.)
  3. The same layout, but without furnishing and without the designation of spaces
  4. A short description (max. 100 words): place / who lives there / uses / relation between the exterior and interior / meaning of the house for them (two adjectives) / aspects or solutions (materials, organization of space, use of light) most valued by them that could be disseminated and used on housing design
  5. The word for house in your language
  6. Two photographs from the interior/ the selected house
  7. Two photographs from the facades

Please also prepare a sketchup modell of you apartment/house (only interior) with the following requirements:

  • All units must be in meters
  • No lights in the scene
  • All furniture must be on a single layer called „furniture“
  • The entrance of you house/ apartment shoud be somewhere around  0,0,0 in the coordinate system
  • You can add standart materials to the objects in your scene (no vray or other plugin materials…)

You can also use other software to create your 3d modell but at the end we need a sketchup file format (.skp). Some CAD modelling software is able to export to this format. If you do so please keep in mind about the rules mentioned. Please send us your model until Monday 02. of october 06.00 pm to he following e-mail adress: If your file is bigger than 10 MB please use a file hosting service and send us a download link (f.e. dropbox, googledrive…)

If you have any other questions about this please send us an e-mail to the the following adress: